“They All Sang My Songs”: A Tribute to Jack Lawrence

A new live show spotlights Jack Lawrence to remind music lovers of his many gifts as a lyricist and composer. Created by Burt Peachy, with consultation by Richard Lawrence, “They All Sang My Songs” will be staged Friday and Saturday, April 14 and 15, at the Pearl McManus Theatre in downtown Palm Springs. Coachella Valley entertainers Darci Daniels, Keisha D., Charles Herrera, Phillip Moore and Bill Lohnes will perform Lawrence’s songs. Between numbers, they’ll depict Lawrence and the famous singers who sang his songs with scenes and bits of dialogue written by Burt Peachy.

We’re Updating the Website

I'm happy to announce that PhillipSings.com is getting a major facelift! The website has a brand-new look and updated content throughout. Check it all out, and remember to subscribe to the site for the latest updates!