We really enjoyed your show so much . I’ve seen a lot of one man shows in my life, but yours is outstanding. You can really command the stage mister, I loved it am so proud of you. Keep it up.

-Bob Seale

Phillip Moore is a very talented vocalist. From small beer-stained platforms at local bars to finely draped stages at nightclubs, Moore’s rich, warm, and expressive singing gets the crowd’s attention.

His appealing tone and confident presence delights and entertains. Whether it be iconic 1920 artistry or 1980 pop, Moore’s heartfelt passion is impressively displayed. Tap your feet, clap your hands, and enjoy Moore’s appealing range and soulful conviction.

-Dr. Steven Roffers

As an entertainer and artist, Phillip Moore brings heart, talent and connection for his audiences across all musical genres. His voice immediately drew me in with its warmth and authentic sound and kept me hooked with his raw gift to tell the story– asking me (and the audience) to laugh and cry right along with him. Phillip delivers a performance that makes us remember why we love music.”

-Theresa Jewett

Phillip More is s Palm Springs power house of talent. His baritone voice is sexy and alluring with a complete range of pop to classics.
His performances draw large audiences from far and wide and a strong local following.

-Brian Webb

Listening to Phillip sing is one of those rare experiences that calms the soul while at the same time electrifies the air around you.  The honesty and depth he shares as he takes the mic will transport you to that very special place you don’t go often enough.

-Chuck Wilhelm

In the field of music entertainment there is one voice that is of quality and consistent in all venues.  Phillip Moore has that ability and is dedicated to having a quality ability and being a caring person.  His performances are directed to his audience that he is entertaining. Great!

-Jeff Siehl

Philip is a fun entertainer to watch. He plays all the songs that makes my soul happy. I catch myself singing right along with him because it’s so much fun. He has that kind of energy that attracts a crowd from a mile away.

Malinda Spain

With such God-given, musical talent and charisma that’ll knock your socks off, it’s no wonder Phillip Moore was born for the stage. His story of strength is inspiring to all of us, and he always sings from his heart. Whether it’s a late night jam session or sharing the stage in front of a live audience, I have truly enjoyed working with Phillip, and I also absolutely love to see him work his magic on stage. We are blessed to have him share such a beautiful gift with the world.
Jeremiah Clark 


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