Phillip is a recent transplant to the desert from the East Coast where he has been singing since he was a young man. He studied vocal performance on scholarship in both community and 4-year colleges, and was Minister of Music for churches in the Southeast. While living in Washington, D.C., he performed with the Washington D.C. Gay Men’s Chorus, and sung the national anthem at various events in the city.

As the son of a preacher growing up in the South, Phillip developed his love of music, which aspired him to be a singer. He received a vocal scholarship to Wallace State to study Performing Arts, then on to Southeastern Bible College to continue his vocal training. Since moving to the desert, Phillip has performances at Streetbar and Copa in the heart of Palm Springs.  He recently performed his one man show at Copa “New Life”.


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  1. Greetings,
    You left your business card at the bar. We have rotating entertainment on Friday nights. I went to your web page but I wasn’t able to find a sample of how you sing? Can you send me a sample or tell if I missed it on your web page. What is your rate for three hours in a bar ie Friday night 8-11pm.

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